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Which Level Body Fat % Do You Find The Most Attractive


Bodies come in all shapes and sizes… Some fella’s prefer the skinny type others the less skinny type… Me personally, I like the middle. Not too skinny not too fat… But it all depends on your own personal taste. Achieving 10-12% body fat is extremely hard work. Everyone knows that. It means dieting, exercising and a whole lot of discipline and focus. 15-17% is pretty much the same as is 20-22%. Even 25% means exercise. 30% plus means no exercise and we know it. I vouch for the 20-30 mark. The good stuff about being in a good shape is all the shopping you can do without getting frustrated at your form. Clothes start to look better and you are able to wear much more stuff than you initially could have. For more stuff on weight and weightloss check out our article on the new wonder diet called the breath diet.


Which Level Body Fat % Do You Find The Most Attractive - Comments
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7 comments on “Which Level Body Fat % Do You Find The Most Attractive
  1. Rachel R. says:

    I’m curious where these pictures came from. Are these people who were actually measured at these body fat percentages? Or are they random pictures chosen to be roughly illustrative?

    (I’m wondering because they could also serve as a good illustration of just how different every body is. The pictures and the numbers don’t match my personal experience with my OWN body, but I would kinda expect it to be the case that different people look different at the same percentage level.)

  2. Todd E. Van Dell says:

    personally? Prefer 30% or higher. Up to 50% and beyond depending on the woman. Some women just wear the extra very well. I like the curvier ladies. What can I say? (The curvier ladies don’t always go for curvy guys like me, however. kinda an odd double standard. anyway.)

  3. Spencer says:

    Im actually smaller than all of those and not because i choose to be. I just am, no matter how much i eat i don’t gain weight, and i wud like to be bigger!

  4. eddie says:

    30%… and the first picture is ugly

  5. Rippedasf says:

    Uhm being toned and muscular is hot …

  6. Amber says:

    I would have to say 30% is the most attractive one to me. The first picture is by far the least attractive in my opinion, even coming after 50%. Overweight even seems more attractive than the extremely muscular..at that point you just pretty much look like a dude…its too much.

  7. Szasza says:

    20-22% …perfect!

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