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Glamorous wavy hair cut in less than a minute



Wonderful waves with the help of an iron, bands and one free minute

Soft, wavy hair, splashing over the shoulders has always been stylish. These waves look so innocent and sexy at the same time, but few girls are proud owners of natural wavy hair. The good news is that even if you were born with perfectly straight hair, believe it or not, you can enable yourself with wavy hair quickly and easily.

All you need is a flat iron and bands. If you want, you could apply cream, which make your hair shiny and thermo-protective spray.

Split your hair into two even parts and twist each of them, by securing it with a lastic band at the end. For best results twist the left part to the left and the right part to the right.


After you have done this, take the flat iron and start sliding it upside down, following the twist direction.

After the hair is cooled , remove the bands and run your fingers through the hair.


You will be amazed by how good you look!

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