Beautiful Shoes

In the weird and wonderful worls of celebs, we cant help but wonder why people who are constantly in the public eye and have too much money can still look and act tacky, just doesn’t make sense! We take a look

There are these nice shoes, which always slip out of your feet. You love them, but they feel so inconvenient. Heads up! We`ll show you how to make these cute chains, which will let you walk & run and enjoy

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to make your old boring bag look more fashionable and stylish.  For the Spring season make your bag more colorful . In this steps below you can see what you need for

No, don`t throw away that black bustier! We know what you need to do – stud it! Go get about 80-100 pyramid silver studs and use your imagination and creativity to turn this plain black bustier into a real fashion

Wondering how to contour your face and make it look bright and shiny? This tutorial will show you a good way to do it in few easy steps. First mark your face where to contour and where to highlight. Blend everything

What about creating the gradient lips? It gives the lips such a lovely ‘just bitten’ stain. You just need a nude lipstick (or concealer) a red lipcolor and a clear gloss.  The gradient can be, also notice that the lips

Summer, that`s right summer is here and you have nothing to wear … again. May be it`s time to say “bye”to your old jeans by transforming them into super sexy shorts. Calm down, no need to be a sewing guru

Buns – your trademark, but do you make them in one and the same way every time? May be you need some diversity and of course we deliver as promised – this is not your average bun. This is a

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