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Cat eye make up is the hottest look ever for seductive eyes. Here we show you a fast and easy way to get dark, seductive eyes in a few easy steps. 1. Make sure the eyes and clear of make

This is a super cute way to make paper mache bowls to store your small items in. You will need some string, paper mache glue and balloons. 1. Begin by blowing up some small balloons 2. Now add some paper

Sharpen up those hot shorts with a tie die look. Tie Die is a hot look for the spring/summer seasons and very simple to do. Here’s how! Get the following materials: Your jean shorts, bleach and elastic bands Step 1: Get

Weight loss can be very difficult but if this does not inspire you then I dont know what will! Yes celebrities have money to have fancy options but at the end of the day, they need to work out and

This curly hairstyle is one of the easiest . You just need to follow this few steps and tips below. This is one of my favorites . The best of all is that you can do it just in few minutes . 

This makeup is just awesome . I love it ! So if you are invited to some big party this is the perfect eye makeup tutorial for you . As you can see it’s dark, smokey and glittered and  you will be stunning . Don’t wait

Floral nail designs are perfect for the spring and we have a tutorial, which will definitely impress you and your friends. It is pretty simple and goes well with everything. You only need black nail polish, white nail polish and

Egg is amazing to bring back shine and health to your hair if used the right way. Our simple 3 step tutorial will show you how to make your own hair mask to give your hair back its bounce! Start by

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